Sheriff’s department reports on calls in Boyden and Hull

Jeanne Visser | Staff Writer

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office recently released a list of calls made within the cities of Boyden and Hull during the past year.

According to Capt. Jamison Van Voorst, a member of the sheriff’s department and Hull resident, the number and types of calls during the last year are typical for the county.

“These types of calls are fairly common in all of the towns we serve in the county,” he said. “For example, if we receive an animal complaint we respond just like we would any other call.  We go to the location of the complaint and assess what is going on. We take stray animals to the city impound kennel and attempt to find the owner via social media.”

The sheriff’s office is staffed with 13 full-time and six reserve deputies and provides contract law enforcement for seven communities within the county: Boyden, Chatsworth, Granville, Hospers, Hull, Matlock and Maurice.

From July 1, 2017 through July 1, 2018, the sheriff’s office handled these calls within the city of Boyden:

Theft – 24

Fraud – 13

Vandalism – 5

Domestic disturbance – 11

Motor vehicle accident – 13

Animal complaints – 20

Harassment – 9

Loud noise/general disturbance – 11

Suicidal/mental case – 19

Suspicious person – 18

Drug violations -3

Bad check – 1

Welfare check on person – 8

Trespass – 3

Ambulance calls where sheriff assisted – 20

Traffic stops – 39

From July 1, 2017 through July 1, 2018, the sheriff’s office handled these calls within the city of Hull:

Theft – 23

Fraud – 18

Assault – 6

Burglary – 7

Vandalism – 6

Domestic disturbance – 20

Motor vehicle accidents – 38

Animal complaints – 52

Harassment – 18

Loud noise/general disturbance – 27

Mental cases – 11

Suicidal person – 15

Suspicious person – 47

Welfare check on person – 27

Ambulance calls where sheriff assisted – 89

Traffic stops – 134

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