Tigers downed by fifth-ranked LeMars Gehlen Catholic in three

Trinity Christian13-7-150

LeMars Gehlen Catholic25-25-253

LEMARS-Trinity Christian was able to play with Class 1A fifth-ranked LeMars Gehlen Catholic for the first half of each game, but the Tigers could not prevent the game-deciding runs the Jays made in each set and were swept 25-13, 25-17, 25-15 in War Eagle Conference volleyball Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Trinity Christian found itself in an 8-point hole in each game of this match, which was where coach Jon Mooy wanted to be, but LeMars Gehlen ended up going on long service runs to break each set open. However, Mooy felt his team could have given a better effort.

“We played about average. I think we could have stepped up our game a little bit better,” Mooy said. “We came out OK in each set. I thought we kept each game close at about 7 or 8 (points), I would say. But then Gehlen was able to get on a run. We were then on our heels and they put us in a bind.”

In order to prevent those long service runs, Mooy said his team needs to have a better mentality.

“It’s just a matter of focusing, bearing down, being tough and moving on to the next play if you make a mistake. Those things are important if you want to bounce back in a game,” Mooy said.

One positive in this match was the serving percentage compared to the first match of the season against South O’Brien. Against the Wolverines Aug. 28, the Tigers served at a .798 clip with 12 aces. Against the Jays, Trinity Christian served at an .870 clip with three aces. Individually, the Tigers were led by Kalie Andringa going 7-for-7 with one ace. Shayna DeRoon went 6-for-7 with one ace, Cassidy Eppinga went 8-for-8 with no aces, Ashley Van Egdom went 7-for-10 with one ace and Caitlin Van Engen went 9-for-9 with no aces.

“We focused on that a little bit in practice and the girls realized we were giving up too many points in that area,” Mooy said. “We didn’t get as many aces, but Gehlen is aggressive on their serve-receive so give them credit there. Overall, we had to improve our serving and I thought we did that.”

Alyssa Uittenbogaard led the offense with six kills, DeRoon had five, Alyssa Maassen and three and Van Engen had three. Van Engen also dished out 16 assists. Defensively, Andringa plucked four digs, DeRoon had three, Eppinga had three and Uittenbogaard had three.

The schedule did not get any easier for Trinity Christian as they faced Class 2A fourth-ranked Unity Christian Thursday, Sept. 7. Mooy knew his team would be in for another tough battle.

“Unity brings a lot. They’re a tough school and they have a lot of experience over there, so we’re going to expect another hard one,” Mooy said.

Trinity swept by fourth-ranked Knights in War Eagle Conference play

Unity Christian25-25-253

Trinity Christian18-10-140

HULL-Trinity Christian used the momentum of the home crowd to put up a fight against Class 2A fourth-ranked Unity Christian in set one of War Eagle Conference volleyball play Thursday, Sept. 7, but the Knights’ talent eventually took over and the Tigers fell 25-18, 25-10, 25-14.

It was the first home match of the 2017 season for Trinity Christian and the fans aided the Tigers in set one.

“I thought the first set went well. It was a home match for us. Granted a tough one, but a nice home match for us,” said Trinity Christian coach Jon Mooy. “We had a big crowd and a lot of excitement on our side. I thought we came out ready to go and ready to fight. I thought the girls did a great job with that.”

What also helped the Tigers in set one was the defense up front. Trinity Christian put up 10 blocks all night, most of those coming in that first game. The Tigers were led individually by Shayna DeRoon with three blocks and Hannah Bakker with two blocks. Alyssa Maassen and Alyssa Uittenbogaard also had two blocks each.

“Shayna and Hannah are nice and tall young ladies. When you know the attack is coming from the left side, it’s good to have girls like that to get blocks up on a good team and put the ball back down on their side. I thought both girls did a good job with that,” Mooy said.

But Unity Christian’s fast-paced offense came through in the final two sets and Mooy said his team simply had no answer to stop it.

“Unity’s size with the Timmermans girl and the Bonner girl are just big and they hit the ball as hard as anybody,” Mooy noted. “They can put the ball down at any time when they need to and at any point. They stretch the net on you, they go pin-to-pin and work the ball from side-to-side. It’s often tough to find out where to go (on the block). They’re speed is definitely a factor, they’re very athletic and they move well. Just a lot of combinations for them there.”

One positive Mooy found in the match was the defense in the back row. The Tigers had 37 digs all night and were led individually by Kaylie Andringa with 11, DeRoon with seven, Caitlin Van Engen with six, Uittenbogaard with five, Baker with three and Cassidy Eppinga with three.

“I thought we dug the ball well out of the back row, hopefully we can continue that,” Mooy said.

What Trinity Christian wanted to improve on prior to the Central Lyon tournament Saturday, Sept. 9, was attacking the volleyball.

“I’m looking for more kill efficiency. We just need to be able to put the ball away,” Mooy said. “We had eight kills compared to 14 errors, so we had a kill efficiency of zero there. Looking to build on getting some more kills and a better efficiency in the hitting area.”

Maassen led the offense with three kills, DeRoon had two and Uittenbogaard had two. Van Engen dished out five assists. On the service line, Ashley Van Egdom went 10-for-10 with two aces, Uittenbogaard went 7-for-8 with no aces, Andringa 7-for-8 for no aces, DeRoon 5-for-7 with no aces, Eppinga 4-for-6 with no aces and Van Engen 3-for-4 with no aces.

Tigers finish fourth at CL tourney

ROCK RAPIDS-The Trinity Christian volleyball team did not have the start it was looking for Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Central Lyon volleyball tournament, but the Tigers recovered well to finish fourth on the afternoon.

Central Lyon21-212

Trinity Christian13-130

The first match of Pool A was against the tournament hosts and Trinity Christian was defeated 21-13, 21-13. Coach Jon Mooy said Central Lyon was a quality team, but added the Tigers were also not ready to play.

“We kind of got off to a slow start there. Against Central Lyon we were just ‘off’ to start the match and it just kind of carried all the way through,” Mooy said. “Everything wasn’t quite clicking and we just weren’t quite ready to play. Central Lyon also doesn’t quite give you much to work with. They took anything away to get yourself going, but I thought we responded well after we continued on in pool play.”

Shayna DeRoon led the Trinity Christian attackers with seven kills. Caitlin Van Engen passed for 12 assists. On defense, Kaylie Andringa led the back row with four digs. Alyssa Uittenbogaard also had four digs with Alyssa Maassen grabbing three digs. DeRoon led the front row with three blocks.

On the service line, Andringa went 7-for-7 with one ace, Uittenbogaard went 4-for-4 with no aces, Ashley Van Egdom 5-for-7 with no aces and Van Engen 6-for-6 with no aces.

Trinity Christian22-212

Ellsworth, MN20-180

That better play coach Mooy mentioned took its time to develop in the second match of pool play with Ellsworth, Minnesota, but the Tigers came away with a 22-20, 21-18 sweep.

“It was interesting because we were down 20-13 and we came back to win 22-20. We were fortunate to get that first one,” Mooy said. “We knew we had to pick up our game. We weren’t playing as well as we could have and the girls responded by getting a win there. That just kind of carried over into the second game.”

DeRoon led the Trinity Christian attackers with nine kills, Maassen had three and Uittenbogaard had three. Van Engen passed for 13 assists. Defensively, DeRoon grabbed eight digs, Andringa had six and Uittenbogaard had six. DeRoon got in on two blocks at the net.

On the service line, Andringa went 7-for-8 with no aces, DeRoon went 3-for-4 with one ace, Maassen 12-for-12 with two aces, Uittenbogaard 6-for-6 with one ace, Van Egdom 4-for-5 with no aces and Van Engen 3-for-4 with one ace.

Trinity Christian18-23-152


The Tigers then had to grab a victory over Newell-Fonda in order to advance into the championship bracket and Trinity Christian accomplished that goal with an 18-21, 23-21, 15-10 win.

“It was good to get a win there. We needed it to get second place in our pool. The girls knew that and I thought they responded well in a lot of areas there,” Mooy said.

One of those areas was the continued improvement on the service line. Van Engen led the way by going 20-for-20 with four aces. Van Egdom went 11-for-13 with two aces, Maassen 8-for-9 with no aces, DeRoon 4-for-5 with no aces and Andringa 4-for-4 with no aces.

“I thought we served a little bit better, especially as the day progressed. We got a little bit better in a lot of different areas,” Mooy said.

DeRoon led the attackers with 10 kills, Hannah Bakker had five and Uittenbogaard had five. Van Engen passed for 15 assists. On defense, Uittenbogaard had 13 digs, DeRoon had 10, Andringa had seven and Van Engen had seven.

Trinity Christian14-170

West Sioux21-212

Trinity Christian had a tough opening draw in championship play — War Eagle Conference rival West Sioux — and the Tigers fell in a 21-14, 21-17 sweep.

“I thought we didn’t play our best match of the day against West Sioux. We competed OK, but it wasn’t our best,” Mooy noted. “When you get into a championship bracket situation like that you have to play your best. Anything less than that you’re going to go home with a loss. It just wasn’t there for us.”

DeRoon led the attackers with seven kills. Van Engen passed for nine assists. Defensively, DeRoon grabbed six digs, Uittenbogaard had six, Van Egdom had four and Van Engen had four.

On the service line, Van Egdom went 11-for-11 with no aces, Maassen went 5-for-8 with no aces, DeRoon 4-for-4 with no aces and Andringa went 4-for-5 with no aces.

Trinity Christian16-180

Hills-Beaver Creek21-212

The defeat sent the Tigers into the third-place match with Hills-Beaver Creek. Trinity Christian was confident it could come away victorious, but was unable to get the job done in the 21-16, 21-18 defeat to end the day.

“I thought we had a decent chance against Hills-Beaver Creek. I really thought we could squeak one out against them and that didn’t happen,” Mooy said. “I thought we competed well to give ourselves a chance to come away with a win, but it was tough.”

Uittenbogaard led the attackers with three kills. Van Engen passed for four assists. Defensively, Andringa plucked eight digs, Uittenbogaard had seven, DeRoon had six, Cassidy Eppinga had five. DeRoon also got in on three blocks.

On the service stripe, DeRoon went 5-for-6 with one ace. Maassen went 6-for-6 with no aces, Uittenbogaard 5-for-5 with no aces, Van Egdom 5-for-5 with no aces and Van Engen 8-for-8 with two aces.

Mooy said he saw slight improvement from his team overall on the afternoon, but more improvements are needed.

“We’re just right in that tier where we’re just trying to get over that hump. We’re still building early in the season, we’re still growing and figuring out what type of team we’re going to be,” Mooy said. “I was happy to get a couple of wins to end up in the winner’s bracket. Granted, 2-3 isn’t great, but it’s OK for us. As we continue to grow, hopefully we can get better.”

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