Local teams take to the track at Nighthawk Relays

HULL-The Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley, Western Christian and Trinity Christian girls’ and boys’ track and field teams went to one of the biggest meets of the season, the Nighthawks Relays, Friday night. In the end, the Nighthawks and Wolfpack showed they are both contenders for a shot at the state track meet in Des Moines, while the Tigers gained valuable experience for their young runners.

The Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley girls took first place with 147 points, just edging out cross-town rival, Western Christian, by 3 points. As the case has been throughout the season, the Nighthawks got the meet started in the field events. Cassie Van Beek won the high jump with a leap of 5’2”, took second in the shot put and third in the discus throw. Kaitlyn Vander Zwaag continued to add depth in the discus and shot put, claiming fourth place in both events with a personal best throw of 103’ in the discus. The Nighthawks doubled-up in the long jump with Charli Bomgaars taking second place and Brittany Rus claiming a fifth-place spot.

“The field events, as we have talked about before, started us off really well again for us tonight, even in the long jump to be able to score some points there with a second and fifth,” said Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley girls’ coach Wade Vander Maten. “Then Cassie did well again and Kaitlyn Vander Zwaag threw a personal best in the discus throw. That just gets us off to a good start.”

On the track, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley got a gold medal from Sammy Blum in the 3000-meter run with a second-place medal going to Brooke Zylstra in the 400-meter hurdles. Third-place finishes came from Lona Hoogeveen in the 100-meter dash, Blum in the 800-meter run and Kylie Vermeer in the 100-meter hurdles.

In the relays, the Nighthawks took second place in the 4×100, 4×200 and 4×800 with third-place spots going to the sprint medley, the distance medley relay and shuttle hurdle relay teams.

“To come out with a win shows the depth that we have. Also the fact that we only won by 3 points shows that all the points that you score add up,” Vander Maten said.

Vander Maten feels his team will be ready to go for the Siouxland Conference meet in Sioux Center Thursday, May 4.

“Thursday at conference kids will start figuring out their roles and how we can score the most points,” Vander Maten said. “But hopefully we’ll just try to keep getting better. Hopefully there’s a little bit better weather and we’ll just try to compete as best we can.”

The Wolfpack girls had a long layoff due to rain and other scheduled events and in the end they were happy about second place.

“Our girls competed tonight with the first full competition in nearly three weeks. I think we were a little nervous about not competing in such a long time and I think this was a good meet for us,” said Western Christian girls’ coach Mark Fenchel. “Our girls have a really good attitude about trying new events and we scored well by trying some different girls in different events tonight.”

Cori DeJong and Jessi DeJager got the scoring started for the Wolfpack, taking second and third in the high jump. On the track, Taylor Rus, Erika Feenstra and Macay Van’t Hul took home gold medals in the 100-meter dash, 200 dash, and 400 dash, respectively. Adding points in those events were Olivia Granstra with a fourth-place finish in the 100 and Bailey Nelson with a third-place spot in the 200.

“Coach (Travis) Kooima is doing a good job with coaching the sprinters and I think we will mature and peak at the right time. Our practices have been competitive and I think that will help us in the long run as we get ready for districts (state-qualifying) and state,” Fenchel said.

In the long-distance runs Whitney Minderhoud took home first place in the 1500-meter run with Sydney Stiemsma taking second in the 3000-meter run. Finishing off the night were the relay events in which Western Christian won five of those events and claimed second place in the distance medley.

“Our girls did a great job in the relays tonight and showed our depth. The hard thing as a coach is trying to funnel which of the girls in what events we want to run at districts and I think we learned some things tonight,” Fenchel said.

For the Trinity Christian girls, Alyssa Uittenbogaard was one of the highlights, taking fourth place in the long jump and fifth place in the 200-meter dash.

“She’s improved herself a lot and we have high expectations for her,” said Trinity Christian coach Kassandra Heynen. “With the weather conditions (cold and windy) we were a little worried, but it was good for her to place among the big schools.”

The final highlight for the Tiger girls was the fourth-place finish by the 4×200-meter relay team.

“We had two different girls running that event as Hannah Baker has an injured leg and will be out a few days. But the other girls that came in performed really well. It was fun for those new girls to step in and perform well for us,” Heynen said.

In the boys’ meet Western Christian claimed second place in the final team standings with 95 points, 5 points better than Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley. Sergeant Bluff-Luton won the boys’ meet title with 112 points.

“This ended up being a very good night for us. We competed very hard all night and a little short-handed. To finish second tonight with very good competition was great for us as a team,” said Western Christian boys’ coach Travis Kooima.

Caden Fenchel continued to impress in both the shot put and discus throws, winning the shot put with a meet record-breaking toss of 57’6” and placing second in the discus throw. Adding points in the field events was Ben Gesink taking second in the high jump. On the track, Tyson Kooima showed off his fast legs, winning the 100-meter dash and the 200 dash. Later on, Justin Grevengoed won the 400-meter dash. In the long-distance runs, Zach Elbers took third place in both the 1600-meter and 3200 runs with Tristan Hulstein taking fifth in the 3200. In the relays, the Wolfpack claimed second place in both the 4×100 and sprint medley relays with a fifth-place spot in the 4×800.

“Caden set the meet record in the shot, so that was a highlight for the night. Tyson Kooima winning the 100 and 200 and Justin Grevegoed winning the 400 was also very good to see and were highlights for our sprinters for the night,” coach Kooima said.

For the Nighthawks, Billy Rankin was the highlight in the open running events, winning the 800-meter run. Other points came from Kaden Willemsen with a second-place finish in the 110-meter hurdles and Cody Post with a third-place spot in the 100-meter dash. In the end, the relay events gave Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley the most points as the Nighthawks won the 4×100, 4×200, 4×400 and the sprint medley relays on top of a second-place finish in the 4×800-meter relay.

“I thought our boys competed very well in the second night of back-to-back meets. On a cold night, times weren’t always what they could have been, but we continued with strong performances in the sprint relays, winning the 4×100, 4×200, 4×400 and the sprint medley,” said Nighthawks boys’ coach Brian Moser. “We look forward to the next two weeks, hoping to be healthy and at our best for conference and districts.”

Unfortunately the Trinity Christian boys were unable to score any points with the limited number of athletes they had due to junior and senior banquet, but coach Heynen said the young Tigers learned a lot.

“I just liked the fact that they got a lot of experience. It is a little tough mentally, because all these other school have so many people, but it was good for our kids to get that experience,” she said. “It’s critical for their future, but the boys also found it fun to watch some of the other athletes that were really good. It shows that they are interested in it and that they want to try to get better. That’s what we want to see.”

Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley Nighthawk Relays

Girls’ team results:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 147, 2. Western Christian 144, 3. Okoboji 87, 4. Sibley-Ocheyedan 60, 5. West Lyon 51, 6. Akron-Westfield 40, 7. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 34, 8. George-Little Rock 12, 9. Trinity Christian 10

Boys’ team results:1. Sergeant Bluff-Luton 112, 2. Western Christian 95, 3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 90, 4. Sibley-Ocheyedan 83, 5. West Lyon 62, 6. Okoboji 53, 7. Akron-Westfield 43, 8. George-Little Rock 37, 9. Harris-Lake Park 13, 10. Trinity Christian 0.

Individual results

Girls’ shot put:2. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 37’2”, 4. Kaitlyn Vander Zwaag (BHRV) 33’9”

Girls’ high jump:1. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 5’2”, 2. Cori De Jong (WC) 5’2”, 3. Jessi De Jager (WC) 4’8”, 4. Mallory Nilles (BHRV) 4’8”

Girls’ discus:3. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 103’4”, 4. Kaitlyn Vander Zwaag (BHRV) 103’

Girls’ long jump:2. Charli Bomgaars (BHRV) 15’, 4. Alyssa Uittenbogaard (TC) 14’9.4”, 5. Brittany Rus (BHRV) 13’8”, 6. Kayla Zevenbergen (WC) 13’7”

Girls’ 100-meter dash:1. Taylor Rus (WC) 12.78 seconds, 3. Lona Hoogeveen (BHRV) 12.99, 4. Olivia Granstra (WC) 13.29

Girls’ 200-meter dash:1. Erika Feenstra (WC) 26.7 seconds, 3. Bailey Nelson (WC) 27.66, 5. Alyssa Uittenbogaard (TC) 28.07

Girls’ 400-meter dash:1. Macy Van’t Tul (WC) 1:04, 4. Morgan Van Der Brink (BHRV) 1:08, 5. Hailey Gorter (BHRV) 1:09

Girls’ 800-meter run:3. Sammy Blum (BHRV) 2:35, 4. Mallory Nilles (BHRV) 2:39, 5. Abby Postma (WC) 2:42

Girls’ 1500-meter run:1. Whitney Minderhoud (WC) 5:20, 6. Emily De Ruyter (BHRV) 5:58

Girls’ 3000-meter run:1. Sammy Blum (BHRV) 12:20, 2. Sydney Stiemsma (WC) 12:27, 4. Emily De Ruyter (BHRV) 12:34, 6. Emily Haak (WC) 12:57

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles:3. Kylie Vermeer (BHRV) 17.07 seconds, 5. Brooke Zylstra (BHRV) 17.29

Girls’ 400-meter hurdles:2. Brooke Zylstra (BHRV) 1:16, 4. Saddie Ribbens (BHRV) 1:19, 4. Kayla Zevenbergen (WC) 1:19

Girls’ 4×100-meter relay:1. Western Christian 1:49, 2 Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:55

Girls’ 4×200-meter relay:1. Western Christian 1:49, 2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:55, 4. Trinity Christian 2:01

Girls’ 4×400-meter relay:1. Western Christian 4:19, 2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:25

Girls’ 4×800-meter relay:1. Western Christian 10:32, 4. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 11:48

Girls’ sprint medley relay:1. Western Christian 1:56, 3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:59

Girls’ distance medley relay:2. Western Christian 4:36, 3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:45

Girls’ shuttle hurdle relay:3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:12

Boys’ shot put:1. Caden Fenchel (WC) 57’6”

Boys’ discus:2. Caden Fenchel (WC) 139’4.5”

Boys’ high jump:2. Ben Gesink (WC) 5’10”

Boys’ long jump:6. Shane Solberg (BHRV) 17’5”

Boys’ 100-meter dash:1. Tyson Kooima (WC) 10.85 seconds, 3. Cody Post (BHRV) 11.38, 4. Ben Gesink (WC) 11.41

Boys’ 200-meter dash:1. Tyson Kooima (WC) 22.74 seconds, 5. Justin Grevengoed (WC) 23.94, 6. Ausitn Rozeboom (BHRV) 24.39

Boys’ 400-meter dash:1. Justin Grevengoed (WC) 54.13 seconds, 6. Josh Heitritter (BHRV) 56.04

Boys’ 800-meter run:1. Billy Rankin (BHRV) 2:06, 7. Trevin Hulstein (WC) 2:15

Boys’ 1600-meter run:3. Zach Elbers (WC) 10:33, 5. Tristan Hulstein (WC) 11:04

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles:2. Kaden Willemsen (BHRV) 15.12 seconds

Boys’ 400-meter hurdles:6. Dylan Harman (BHRV) 1:04

Boys’ 4×100-meter relay:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 44.76 seconds, 2. Western Christian 45.69 

Boys’ 4×200-meter relay:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:34

Boys’ 4×400-meter relay:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 3:37

Boys’ 4×800-meter relay:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 8:49, 5. Western Christian 9:16

Boys’ sprint medley relay:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:39, 2. Western Christian 1:42

Boys’ distance medley relay:4. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:05

Boys’ shuttle hurdle relay:5. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:06

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