Nighthawks and Wolfpack compete for top spots

HULL-The Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley girls’ and boys’ track teams were invited to their first official outdoor track meet of the season at the Western Christian Track and Field Invitational Friday night. The Nighthawks were looking to build on a solid outdoor practice meet, while Western Christian was looking to continue its momentum from the MOC-Floyd Valley meet Tuesday, April 4.

On the girls’ side of the meet, the host Wolfpack took home the meet championship with 136 points, ahead of the Nighthawks who had 105.5 points. Granted, running and throwing conditions were not ideal with a southwest wind blowing at 20 miles per- hour and gusting up to as much as 30 miles per hour, but Western Christian girls’ coach Mark Fenchel said it was a successful meet.

“We faced some good competition tonight with some teams we haven’t seen yet this year. We didn’t change much of our lineup from Tuesday’s meet since we wanted to see if we could improve times and distances,” he said. “It was a tough go with the wind and we competed hard, even though the times didn’t improve”

Western Christian got the meet started in the field events with Cori DeJong and Jessi DeJager going second and fourth in the high jump, Kayla Zevenbergen claiming fourth in the long jump and Ashtyn Veerbeek finishing third in the shot put.

In the open runs, the Wolfpack were led by Taylor Rus and Olivia Granstra with second- and third-place finishes, Erika Feenstra and Bailey Nelson going one-two in the 200-meter dash, DeJager and DeJong going 2-3 in the 400-meter dash and Macay Van’t Hul claiming second in the 800-meter run. In the long-distance runs, Whitney Minderhoud claimed fourth place and Emily Haak took fourth in the 3200-meter run. In the relays, the Wolfpack saw their traditional depth, winning the 4×100, the 4×200 and the 4×400, while placing second in the 4×800.

The Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley girls, meanwhile, got one-third of their points right away in the field events courtesy of Cassie Van Beek. She won the high jump, the shot put and the discus throw.

Mallory Nilles placed fifth in the high jump, Kaitlyn Van Der Zwaag took fifth in the shot put and second in the discus. In the long jump Brianna Kleinwolterink took fifth and Brittany Rus finished sixth.

“We got 33 points in field events. That’s a lot of points in field events. I think that was a big factor. We just got a ton of points there that got us off to a good start,” Nighthawks’ coach Wade Vander Maten said.

In the open runs, Lona Hoogeveen was the highlight, claiming gold in the 100-meter dash. Other highlights in the open runs included Charli Bomgaars claiming fifth in the 100 and fifth in the 200, Brooke Zylstra claiming fourth in the 400-meter dash and Leigha Jager claiming fifth in the 1500-meter run.

The relays for the Nighthawks had various results, but was still a successful night overall. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley took second place in the 4×200 and the distance medley with third-place finishes coming from the 4×100-meter relay team and the shuttle hurdle relay.

“I think we have a lot of depth on the team. I think we have a lot of girls that can run, help us score some points and compete. We competed in pretty much all of them (the relays) and, again, that’s a testament to our depth,” Vander Maten said. “I still think we need to work on our hand-offs a little bit. If we do that I think we’ll continue to see times go down.”

On the boys’ side Western Christian took second place as a team with 128 points. Sibley-Ocheyedan won the meet with 131 points.

The night started off with a bang in the field events with Caden Fenchel breaking two meet records. The first came in the discus throw as Fenchel had a toss of 177’9” and the other came in the shot put with a toss of 54’8.

Other highlights in the field events included Ben Gesink claiming third in the high jump and Colin Westra taking fifth in the same event. Tyson Kooima took second in the long jump. For the open runs, the Wolfpack showed off their overall depth once again as Tyson Kooima took second in the 100-meter dash and won the 2000-meter dash, with Justin Grevengoed taking fourth. Gesink and Cole Zevenbergen went second and fourth in the open 400, Trevor Hulstein and Nolan Vande Griend went four-five in the 800-meter run with Zach Elbers winning both the 1600- and 3200-meter runs. Tristan Hulstein was also in the 1600 and 3200, claiming fourth and second respectively in those events.

“Our runners keep getting better each and every night out, both in practice and in our first two meets. This was a busy first week for us with two meets within four days, but our guys did a great job competing as a team in both meets,” said Western Christian boys’ coach Travis Kooima.

In the relays, the top events for Western Christian were the 4×100-meter relay team claiming second place and the 4×400-meter relay team claiming third.

“Our goals as a team are to try and get a little better meet-by-meet. We want to peak at the right time in early May for districts (state qualifying,” said coach Travis Kooima. “As long as we keep practicing hard, good things will happen each time we step on the track.”

The Nighthawk boys claimed third place as a team with 112 points. The night stared with Shane Solberg claiming fifth place in the long jump, before the open running events took over. Cody Postma and Jacob Schafer went three-four in the 100-meter dash, Riley Teunissen claimed a silver medal in the 200-meter dash, Billy Rankin won the 400-meter dash with Josh Heittritter coming in fourth place in the same event. Isaac Munoz claimed third in the 800-meter run, Kaden Willemsen took silver in the 110-meter hurdles and Zach Vogelzang won third in the 400-meter hurdles.

“There are always a lot of unknowns going into the first meet, but I thought we had a number of solid performances throughout the night,” said Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley boys’ coach Brian Moser. “On the track, obviously, the wind was a factory. But I thought we put up some decent times for the first time out.”

At the beginning of the night the Nighthawks found themselves down in the middle of the pack in the team race, but a late surge with the open runs and the final relay events helped. The Nighthawks won the 4×100 and the distance medley with second-place finishes in the 4×200, 4×400, 4×800 and the sprint medley.

“In the team race we were in a pretty good hole after the field events, but closed the gap throughout the night. We will keep working on that and it will get better as we move forward,” Moser said.

Girls’ team results:1. Western Christian 136, 2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 105.5, 3. Okoboji 96, 4. Sioux Center 92, 5. Sheldon 90.5, 6. Sibley-Ocheyedan 66

Boys’ team results:1. Sibley-Ocheyedan 131, 2. Western Christian 128, 3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 112, 4. Sheldon 103, 5. Sioux Center 66, 6. Okoboji 48

Individual results

Girls’ high jump:1. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 5’2”, 2. Cori DeJong (WC) 5’2”, 4. Jessi DeJager (WC) 4’10”, 5. Mallory Nilles (BHRV) 4’8”

Girls’ long jump:4. Kayla Zevenbergen (WC) 15’.05”, 5. Brianna Kleinwolterink (BHRV) 13’9”, 6. Brittany Rus (BHRV) 13’8”, 9. Avery Van Kley (WC) 13’0”

Girls’ shot put:1. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 36’5”, 3. Ashtyn Veerbeek (WC) 32’6”, 5. Kaitlyn Van Der Zwaag (BHRV) 32’2.5”, 10. Jill Den Herder (WC) 25’6.5”

Girls’ discus:1. Cassie Van Beek (BHRV) 107’0”, 2. Kaitlyn Vander Zwaag (BHRV) 97’3”, 6. Dana Faber (WC) 89’2”, 7. Ashtyn Veerbeek (WC) 69’7”

Girls’ 100-meter dash:1. Lona Hoogeveen (BHRV) 13.2 seconds, 2. Taylor Rus (WC) 13.3, 3. Olivia Granstra (WC) 14.4, 5. Charli Bomgaars (BHRV) 13.8

Girls’ 200-meter dash:1. Erika Feenstra (WC) 27.54 seconds, 2. Bailey Nelson (WC) 28.72, 5. Charli Bomgaars (BHRV) 28.4seconds

Girls’ 400-meter dash:2. Jessi DeJager (WC) 1:04.97, 3. Cori DeJong (WC) 1:05.47, 4. Brooke Zylstra (BHRV) 1:10, 7. Kenzie Zomer (BHRV) 1:13

Girls’ 800-meter run:2. Macay Van’t Hul (WC) 2:31, 6. Morgan Van Der Brink (BHRV) 2:47

Girls’ 1,500-meter run: 4. Whitney Minderhoud (WC) 5:27, 5. Leigha Jager (BHRV) 5:49, 6. Emily DeRuyter (BHRV) 5:53

Girls’ 3,000-meter run:4. Emily Haak (WC) 13:09, 6. Kiley Iverson (BHRV) 14:28

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles:5. Kayla Zevenbergen (WC) 18.21 seconds, 8. Brooke Zylstra (BHRV) 18.7 seconds, 11. Saddie Ribbens (BHRV) 20.47 seconds

Girls’ 400-meter hurdles:6. Kayla Zevenbergen (WC) 1:20, 7. Hailey Gorter (BHRV) 1:20, 8. Emily Haak (WC) 1:23

Girls’ 4×100-meter relay:1. Western Christian 52.41 seconds, 3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 53.55

Girls’ 4×200-meter relay:1. Western Christian 1:51, 2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:57

Girls’ 4×400-meter relay:1.Western Christian 4:23, 4. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:40

Girls’ 4×800-meter relay:2. Western Christian 1:58, 5. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 2:04

Girls’ distance medley:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:49, 5. Western Christian 5:01

Girls’ shuttle hurdle:3. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:14

Boys’ high jump:3. Ben Gesink (WC) 6’0”, 5. Colin Westra (WC) 5’10”, 7. Jacob Schafer (BHRV) 5’6”

Boys’ long jump:2. Tyson Kooima (WC) 19’6”, 5. Shane Solberg (BHRV) 18’5.5”, 7. JT Van’t Hul (BHRV) 17’7”

Boys’ shot put:1. Caden Fenchel (WC) 54’8” (NEW MEET RECORD), 8. Seth Rozeboom (BHRV) 39’11”, 9. Brandon Roemeling (BHRV) 38’10”

Boys’ discus:1. Caden Fenchel (WC) 177’9” (NEW MEET RECORD), 9. Brandon Roemeling (BHRV) 110’1”, 11. Landon Kooiker (BHRV) 100’8”

Boys’ 100-meter dash:2. Tyson Kooima (WC) 11.9 seconds, 3. Cody Post (BHRV) 11.98, 4. Jacob Schafer (BHRV) 12

Boys’ 200-meter dash:1. Tyson Kooima (WC) 23.21 seconds, 2. Riley Teunissen (BHRV) 23.21, 4. Justin Grevengoed (WC) 23.85, 7. Kaden Willemsen (BHRV) 25.02

Boys’ 400-meter dash:1. Billy Rankin (BHRV) 53.88 seconds, 2. Ben Gesink (WC) 54.26, 4. Josh Heittritter (BHRV) 57.12, 5. Cole Zevenbergen (WC) 58.14

Boys’ 800-meter run:3. Isaac Munoz (BHRV) 2:11, 4. Trevor Hulstein (WC) 2:12, 5. Nolan Vande Griend (WC) 2:13

Boys’ 1,600-meter run:3. Zach Elbers (WC) 5:02, 4. Tristan Hulstein (WC) 5:03

Boys’ 3,200-meter run:1. Zach Elbers (WC) 10:37, 2. Tristan Hulstein (WC) 10:38

Boys 110-meter hurdles:2. Kaden Willemsen (BHRV) 15.41 seconds, 5. Landon Kooiker (BHRV) 17.14 seconds

Boys; 400-meter hurdles:3. Zach Vogelzang (BHRV) 1:04, 6. Colin Westra (WC) 1:07

Boys’ 4×100-meter relay:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 44.99 seconds, 2. Western Christian 45.04 

Boys’ 4×200-meter relay:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:35, 6. Western Christian 1:42

Boys’ 4×400-meter relay:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 3:42, 3. Western Christian 3:46

Boys’ 4×800-meter relay:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 9:00, 4. Western Christian 9:21

Boys’ sprint medley relay:2. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 1:39, 5. Western Christian 1:49

Boys’ distance medley:1. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4:04

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