New faces (and some familiar ones) in local schools

Schools in Boyden and Hull started classes this week. Following is a list of the new teachers in each school.

Boyden-Hull School

Name: Nathan Alexander

Position: Sixth grade teacher

Hometown: Boyden

Residence: Boyden

Name: Trevor Friedel

Position: English Language Learner teacher, first year

Hometown: Danbury, Iowa

Degree: Secondary history education from Morningside College

Reason he became a teacher: A desire to encourage all students to succeed

What he loves about teaching: Being able to teach and learn with students.

Greatest challenge: Finding ways to engage all learners every day.

Residence: Hull

Favorite activities: Football, historical articles, reading

Name: Ashley Jasper

Position: English teacher, first year

Hometown: Hebron, Nebraska

Degree: Secondary English education, coaching/reading endorsements from Morningside College

Reason she became a teacher: I love reading and I hoped to find a job where I could share that passion.

What she loves about teaching: Teaching a range of grades and texts, working with a variety of students to develop their appreciation of literature.

Greatest challenge: It’s my first year of teaching.

Residence: Orange City

Family: Husband, Mitch Jasper

Favorite activities: Volleyball, reading, baking, cooking

Name: Toby Maggert

Position: High school math teacher, first year

Hometown: Matlock, Iowa

Degree: Secondary math teaching from UNI

Reason he became a teacher: I tutored students in high school and enjoyed it, so I decided to try teaching. In my first experience I discovered I loved it.

What he loves about teaching: I can make a positive difference in somebody’s life every single day.

Greatest challenge: Sitting down to start grading papers.

Residence: Hull

Family: Parents and a brother

Favorite activities: Wrestling, reading, swimming

Name: Brice Montgomery

Position: Industrial technology educator, first year

Hometown: Royal, Iowa

Degree: Industrial technology education from Wayne State College

Reason he became a teacher: Love of woodworking and other areas of industrial technology.

What he loves about teaching: The creativity and hard-working spirit that students bring into industrial technology classes.

Greatest challenge: Keeping students on task and productive every day.

Residence: Sheldon

Family: Father, brother and two sisters

Favorite activities: Woodworking

Name: Heidi Vanden Top

Position: Special education teacher

Hometown: Alcester, SD

Degree: English education from Northwestern College, special education from Morningside College

Experience: Special education teacher at Iowa Connections Academy

Reason she became a teacher: I love learning and helping others to learn.

What she loves about teaching: Getting to know and work with students and their families.

Residence: Sioux Center

Family: Husband, Josh

Favorite activities: Reading, traveling, baking, gardening

Name: Kent Zevenbergen

Position: High school science

Hometown: Hollandale, Minnesota

Degree: Bachelor’s of Science from Dordt College

Experience: Dakota Christian in New Holland, South Dakota, Western Christian in Hull, Gehlen Catholic in LeMars

Reason he became a teacher: I love the energy and enthusiasm of high school kids. I always say, ‘I’ve matured, I just haven’t grown up!’

What he loves about teaching: I love the Aha! moments when something is truly discovered and learned. I also love it when former students return to tell me how well they were prepared for college and a career.

Greatest challenge: Keeping up with technology.

Residence: Hull

Family: Wife, Tami; son, Marcus, a junior at Dordt College; son, Ryan, a sophomore at Dordt College; daughter, Kayla, a junior at Western

Favorite activities: Golf, family vacations, home improvement projects

Hull Christian School

Name: Lee DeGroot

Position: Paraprofessional, first year

Hometown: Hull

College education: Northwestern College and Iowa State University

Reason you wanted to become a paraprofessional: To work with children and give back to HCS.

What you love about your position: Working with children

Greatest challenge: Learning and figuring out individual needs from day to day.

Residence: Hull

Family: Husband, pastor Doug DeGroot, four sons – Chase (Beth), Dodge (Jordan), Dash (Amber), Cruise, and a daughter Aysha Lynn, four grandchildren

Favorite activities: Road trips, playing with grandkids, public speaking, spending time with Pastor Doug in the Cornerstone Christian Reformed Prison Church

Name: Rachel Louwerse

Position: Resource room teacher, first year

Hometown: Sioux Center

Degree: Elementary education and special education from Dordt College

Reason she became a teacher: I have always loved working with kids.

What she loves about teaching: I get to use my passion for teaching in order to instill a love for learning in students I work with every day.

Greatest challenge: The needs of students are always changing so I need to constantly come up with new ideas and materials to meet the needs of students I work with.

Residence: Sioux Center

Family: Husband, Andrew; parents and three siblings

Favorite activities: Camping, baking, cooking, crafting

Hull Protestant

Reformed Christian School

Name: Kyle Brummel

Position: Fifth grade teacher, first year

Hometown: Hull

Degree: Elementary education, middle school, coaching and P.E. endorsements from Dordt College

Reason he became a teacher: I like school. It runs in the family. My dad, Pete, was a teacher and principal. My sister is a teacher.

What he loves about teaching: I love being part of kids’ lives and helping them grow up to be good Christian men and women.

Greatest challenge: This is my first teaching position, so I’m kind of nervous

Residence: Orange City

Family: Wife, Rachel; parents, 11 siblings

Favorite activities: Sports

Trinity Christian High School

Name: Rochelle Bloemendaal

Position: English teacher

Hometown: Lyon County between Doon and Rock Rapids

Degree: English Education from Dordt College

Experience: Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian School, Loveland, Colorado; Central Lyon High School, Rock Rapids, Iowa

Reason she became a teacher: I loved my first grade teacher, so since first grade my friend Sarah and I were sure that we were both going to follow in her footsteps.

What she loves about teaching: I love seeing the maturity the kids gain over the school year. It’s so rewarding watching them learn and understand — the light bulb moments.

Greatest challenge: Balance of time between school and home.

Residence: North of Hull

Family: Husband, Ben; children, Malachi and Asher

Favorite activities: Reading, playing board games, time with family

Western Christian High School

Name: Laurissa Bowan

Position: English 11 and 12 Teacher

Hometown: Manhattan, Montanna

Degree: English and education degrees from Dordt College

Experience: Covenant Christian High School, DeMotte, Indiana

Reason she became a teacher: Loves reading, writing and working with high school students.

What she loves about teaching: Encouraging kids to develop a love and passion for writing and reading; loves seeing the passion the community has for Western.

Residence: Hull

Family: Parents, siblings

Favorite activities: Film buff, music, art of all kinds, hiking

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